Irina Khlystun is a professional artist based in tiny Luxembourg hardly visible on the map. She was born in Far East of Russia, in Vladivostok city, at the end of the Trans-Syberian railway, where four countries meet.

She was always drawing something since she remember herself. Her school textbooks, notepads, piece of paper were dotted with sketches, little drawings and handwritten letters. Her hands were always in constant movements extracting images from subconscious. When she lived in Russia she finished a 4 year  art school where she gained basic knowledge of composition, proportion and color theory but this all was buried for years inside until the passion for creation couldn’t stay locked no longer! 

Like this she discovered mastery program, Milan Arts Institute based in Arizona, owned by a family of artists and passionate believers.  It was time to pursue her destiny and their message spoke to her.  She decided to drastically change her life and finally pursue her art. 

Her  art is charged with feelings and emotions, it shows love, yearnings for love, passion, acceptance, care.  Her art is about feelings. 

Her paintings tell a story, they provoke intense feelings and emotions.  The feelings flow through her, the energy is expressed. Her paintings burn! 

Her artwork is raw, intense, and full of passion.

If you require any further information, please feel free to reach out to me.

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